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Business & Wellbeing Support

In addition to launching The Wales Emotional Health & Wellbeing Centre of Excellence in 2020, CYCA now also offer a range of business support services, through CYCA Online. These support service are delivered through the charity, generating revenue to enable the charity to meet its objectives.

From our new premises at Dragon 24, North Dock, Llanelli, CYCA Online offer Business & Wellbeing Support which includes desk spaces, meeting rooms and events to local partners and businesses.

Below are some quotes from people who have attended our courses

"Lyndsey was super, it sure brought me back into the game so to speak. I would like to attend more courses with her as I find she is one of the best out there. Much has changed in customer service throughout the years, I’ve missed a lot and being on this course filled the gaps.

I learned so much from this course, gaining extra knowledge and helped me make new friends and helped me feel better in hard times. It helped me to engage with people again after a while of not engaging and communicating as much as I used to." ~ Improving Own Confidence~
"This course has given me some positive and useful tools to use in every day life, as well as when applying for jobs such as confidence and confidence building skills and an interest in further training." ~ Improving Own Confidence~
"This course taught me how to identify what makes a person confident and how to implement that into myself, the importance of different types of communication, verbal vs non-verbal and how emotions can play a big part in how we act and come across to others." ~ Improving Own Confidence~
"Good comprehensive material interactive parts really brought the content to light." ~Professional training~
"Even though we follow our policies, it’s always good to think of the aspects." ~Professional training~
"Knowing the important of information sharing and that it only takes one person to make a difference." ~Professional training~
"Fantastic training yet again! Well done CYCA." ~Communicating with parents~
"Thank you for a really inspiring course with very useful strategies and ideas to dip in to." ~Communicating with parents~
"Fantastic presentation, really engaging and informative, really enjoyed." ~Communicating with parents~

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