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CYCA’s Professional ACES training for aimed at professionals who work directly with children, young people, and their families. This course is a theory and workshop style approach. It enables professionals to recognise those key barriers that prevent children and young people from engaging with school, teachers, peers etc. The course also helps professional for an approach to suit the school and families in which they work with.

ACEs stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) this is a collective measure of harmful, stressful and/or traumatic experiences that occur during childhood.

  • Examples of stressful and/or traumatic experiences occurring during childhood that cause children to repeatedly suffer and directly hurt a child such as maltreatment, their home environment in which they live, such as growing up in a house with domestic violence, drug, and alcohol misuse.

  • The long-term impact of ACEs can continue to harm the health of children throughout their life and into adulthood.

  • Research into the prevalence and impact of ACEs in Wales demonstrates the cumulative effects of ACEs and the increased risk of health-harming behaviours, poor mental wellbeing, and increased risk of physical and mental ill health. Also resulting in poor parenting and the cycle continues.

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