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Professional Resilience Training

COVID has presented CYCA with many opportunities to grow and develop our business model. One of our overarching long-term goal of delivering professional training pan-Wales has come to fruition. We have trained professionals from the four corners of Wales, most recently in Machynlleth.

Our Professional Resilience Training is differentiated and designed to take account of the structure and roles within each organisation. We train from top down, Senior Managers and the Leadership teams undertake Accredited Resilience, and front-line staff undertake the non-accredited version. The reason why we approach training in this way is that the whole organisation has a new resilient language, managers can support and supervise colleagues in a resilient way. Peer-to-peer support is effective to support others.

This training encapsulates the promotion and understanding of emotional health and wellbeing, it promotes good practice and can be thought provoking, and immediately gives colleagues tools and strategies to use directly after the course. One group of call centre workers who attended the session mid shift provided immediate feedback and said, “they will try out the grounding and breathing techniques when the return on shift.”

The course is a reminder that we are all resilient, we all experience tough times, we become less resilient because of those tough time. We need to harness an “emotional anchor, this will be a person who you can rely on, support you during those tough time. The more we experience those tough time and survive the stronger we will become.”

Our evaluation and feedback are tangible, highlighting the profound impact on the professional resilience training is having colleagues. Front line nursery staff who have worked throughout the pandemic mentioned they were heightened and often in that ‘panic mode’ state of mind. One professional, told us “I thought It was another one of those 5 ways to wellbeing courses, I seriously underestimated and was surprised that within 2 hours I have several strategies to use when I return to work, not only use in work but to use at home.”

Follow on training includes:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Counselling skills for non counsellors

For further information please contact or for further information or course costs.

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