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CYCA showcases wellbeing hub model to VIPs

CYCA showcases wellbeing hub model to VIPs

CYCA Llanelli, the charity for Children, Young People and their families, welcomed two VIPs this morning. Lee Waters, Member of the Senedd for Llanelli invited Lynne Neagle MS, Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing to see the work CYCA has been doing over the last few years.

Lee Waters MS Llanelli said.

"Lynne Neagle was appointed as Deputy Minister for Mental Health because of her reputation and passion for speaking up for young people in need.

I was really keen to get Lynne to visit Llanelli and to see at first-hand the excellent work that CYCA is doing, and to speak directly with the people that need our help the most."

CYCA has an excellent social prescribing service underway with the Llanelli GP cluster which provides a range of support services to children who are unable to access CAMHS. In addition, during lockdown and to celebrate their 40th anniversary last year, CYCA launched the Wales Emotional Health and Wellbeing Centre of Excellence – which brings together wide activities and support all under one roof, so those most in need don’t need to be referred on to third party organisations.

Yvonne Rodgers Chair of Trustees said:

“We are really pleased that our work with children and young people is being recognised on a national stage. The Wellbeing Hub model is something we hope will be replicated around Wales as it provides joined up support for the whole family. We hope the Deputy Minister is inspired by what she has seen with us today.”

Tracy Pike MBE (CEO of CYCA

“Young people with emotional and mental problems shouldn’t be treated in isolation, which is why we work with the whole family. In addition to this support, our hub model offers our beneficiaries physical and creative activities as well as counselling, mentoring and training. This whole range of opportunities enables individuals and the family to express and experience different emotions, building resilience for the long term and improving confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing”.

Some of CYCA’s Mentor Mothers joined the visit and made the VIPs special homemade cupcakes. The gifts showcase the newly formed peer-led group where they teach and learn new skills and Carrie Howells had taught a masterclass in cupcakes for her peers as identified in a skill-scan as part of Hub activities.

CYCA developed a policy paper which they shared with the Government, highlighting their work on Social prescribing and their Wellbeing Hub model.

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