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(National Lottery Community Fund)

Our ROOTS project funding is ending in August 2021. It has been a successful project and we would like to thank the National Lottery Community Fund for their support and for making a real difference to so many people’s lives. Thank you so much - Diolch yn fawr!

What is the ROOTS Project?
CYCA ROOTS aims to support families that are struggling to cope with mild anxiety and depression, its about teaching resilience skills to improve self-worth and help people cope with change.

The ROOTS team continue to work directly with families within our community building resilience and providing opportunities to succeed.

Julie and Rachel have run a number of face-to-face workshops on an Introduction to ‘Heal Yourself from Adrenal Fatigue’ Course


The umbrella’s that surround the effect on Adrenal Fatigue are:

  • Nutrition - the effects and benefits of having a healthy diet on the body
  • Emotional - how do you handle stress? What type of a person are you?
  • Understanding the information around Adrenal Fatigue (AF) - physical implications on your body and the effect it has on AF.
  • Social - personal self-care routine, to give yourself tips to look after your wellbeing.

This is our fourth group of learners and the feedback has been very positive in terms of gaining knowledge and understanding of AF.

Learning and being aware of how they are functioning through stress and in daily life has been very beneficial and many are now making small changes in their life e.g. skin care routine, trying out CYCA healthy eating recipes (given by learners), and continuing with simple stretch routines.

As lasting legacy of ROOTS, the team are in the process of supporting and training our wonderful mentor Mams.

Our mentor Mams are completing training in Peer Mentoring, Safeguarding, Manual Handling Food Hygiene, Equal Opportunities and First Aid. Alongside our CEO the mentor Mams have been building new skills in Ceramics for future workshops (images below). 

Carrie has developed a cupcake baking and decorating workshop for our families and is in the process of planning her second workshop.

In addition to all of this, the team have been busy with a range of accredited and non-accredited training courses in:

  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Resilience
  • Children and Young Peoples Development
  • Safeguarding


Fitness Fridays have evolved, and we have started our wellbeingwalking@thedocks group, with both Parents and children.


For more information please contact: Kath Bowen, Senior Training Manager on  or 01554 776178

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