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Developing from the National Community Lottery Fund for ROOTS, we identified key mentors who undertook training in the following areas:

  • Safeguarding
  • Health and Social Care
  • Child Development
  • Resilience
  • Playwork
  • Customer Service
  • Volunteering


This gave the mentor mams theoretical skills aligning with the practical skills that they already had. This combination ensured that the mentor mams were skilled and equipped in dealing with their new volunteering opportunities.

We applied for further funding from Lottery Awards For All to ensure that we bridged the gap between funding pots.

The mentor mams project has grown phenomenally where we have two key mentor mams. Both have different skill sets and both support one another.

Over the past few months the mentor mams have undertaken fantastic workshops, these include:

  • Making a fairy house
  • Cake decorating
  • Wreath making


These workshops benefited members of the community who attended the sessions.

Mentor mams offers:

  • Peer to peer support system
  • A safe and calm environment promoting good emotional health without judgement




Below are some testimonials from the people who have attended our mentor mams sessions




“Since having my daughter during lockdown I have found it very difficult to get out and socialise. After meeting Lyndsey and her introducing me to CYCA, I feel much more confident to meet new people and try new things.

I have attended numerous sessions at CYCA and have enjoyed every single one. I have always been made to feel welcome and comfortable.

My daughter has always been very attached to me and found it difficult to settle in crèche at CYCA. I was worried this would affect me being able to attend courses but Lyndsey brought Mali into the room so I could see her and made sure she was entertained with arts, crafts and toys so I was able to get on without worrying.
Kath and Tracy were also very warm and kind towards her which I think naturally helped her settle. I really have made true friends from CYCA and it has encouraged me to help out with local playgroups in my area (which I never would have dreamed of before).

-Chloe Hopkins, CYCA member.
“The last few months have been exhausting for me due to my family’s health problems, my mind was flaming, CYCA staff and their skilled workshops were my firefighters and managed to calm down my emotions. I know my issues will be ongoing for a while to come, but the angels of CYCA know just how to help me cope. Thank you CYCA”.

-Sevgki Nouri, CYCA member.
“As everyone knows I’m not a people person, never would I go to any groups even having 3 children I wouldn’t go anywhere or join in anything! I have severe anxiety but since meeting Tracey
and she introduced me to CYCA groups which then made me feel so comfortable and a part of the CYCA family.
I feel so happy when I attend and from my own personal experience it’s made a
huge difference in my life! They continue to support me as I do them”

-Danielle James, CYCA member.




Share your story

Below is an account of one of our Mentor Mams own experiences volunteering with us

"I'm Carrie, a 36 year old mum of 4 and full time carer to my husband. I have been involved with CYCA for about 5 years, in this time I have learnt many new skills and completed multiple educational courses but over the last year or so I have been volunteering my spare time by delivering workshops and helping out where I can. Before I came to CYCA I was an extremely quiet and anxious person, and would very rarely leave the comfort of my own home but all that has changed due to CYCA staff being so supportive. They have been such a big part of my life for 5 years and given me the confidence to change my life, not only for me but for my family too.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a CYCA volunteer, giving back to the community is the most amazing feeling and huge accomplishment. I have met some amazing people and made new friends along the way, which at one point in my life I would have thought impossible to do but CYCA really helped with every aspect of my life. 


I have delivered many different workshops over the last year which include baking skills, cupcake decorating and arts and crafts based sessions. Having the opportunity to pass on my knowledge and skills to others is extremely rewarding, especially when we receive such lovely feed back from the families involved.


CYCA have recently introduced the chance for volunteers to earn Time Credits which is great! Being a large family it can be quite expensive to do family activities and go on days out but time credits really help with that. I have just used some of the time credits that I have earned to get Scarlets rugby tickets, my children are so excited as this is something we wouldn't normally be able to afford. 


I am truly grateful to CYCA for such wonderful opportunities, they are inspirational and have always made me believe that I can achieve anything. I'm really excited for what's to come!"

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