Learner 1

I have just completed the resilience course with Lianna Davies in Llwynhendy and it has been the best experience and learning opportunity ever. Having Lianna as a teacher has been amazing, her teacher has been amazing, her teaching technique and her caring personality has helped me so much and been able to open up to her and the group with my personal problems and learn how to cope and deal with the tough situations’ life throws at us.

Learning resilience has completely changed me, my way of thinking and has improved my relationships with family and friends and has made me change my outlooks on life. It has made me a better person.

Thank you

Learner 2

I have recently attended the resiliency course in Llwynhendy children’s centre. I have gained how to cope and stay calm in stressful situations. My home life has improved a lot since I have been on the course. The course has taught me how to stay away from negativity with family and friends, also how to stay out of the drama triangle. The 10.10 technique is brilliant keeping me to stay positive. I would definitely recommend the course, I have gained a lot more knowledge from doing the course, highly recommend it.

Learner 3

I have recently attended the resilience course in Llwynhendy credit 1. It has been a positive experience for me and I have learned not to hold grudges and I will take away everything I have learned. Lianna Davies has been fantastic and very helpful. The centre was also fab.

Learner 4

I recently attended the course where I have learned to cope with things better.  I feel happier and more confident with life situations, and I am not taking things to hard and trying not to hold grudges. This course has improved my life and my family home life, so thank you so much.

Learner 5

I recently attended the resilience course at Llwynhendy. I feel much more confident now, I am not afraid of saying what I think and feel in a group of people. I am more calm and use less swear words. I stood up for myself and feel much better abo0ut my life. You can really trust the tutor and people who attend on the course. With different experiences you get help to resolve your problems. I would really recommend this course.

Learner 6

I recently attended the course in the ICC in Llwynhendy I enjoyed it thoroughly and I can’t wait to start the next part. It has had a very good impact on my life and I would recommend this course to everyone. I have made friends that I would keep. The tutor Lianna Davies delivered the course very well.

Learner 7

I recently attended the resilience course at Llwynhendy ICC centre, and I would like to give my feedback on the experience I have had. I started the course as I was really struggling to communicate with the school my daughter attends and supporting my daughter with bullying and other issues she is having. With all the other pressure of family problems and this I was finding it hard to cope in situations, and this was also having a major effect on my mental health.

19.02.19 I completed my course and I am very happy with the outcome and support of this course. I can now finally breath when a situation I feel uncomfortable with and I am able to support my children through feelings difficult times and understand with this. I have met some lovely people and made good relationships. I am looking forward to starting the next course Playwork, as I enjoy attending the course and have learned a lot. Staff Lianna, Jodie and Kath have all been very supportive and have helped me continue my journey of learning and over coming my fears of anxiety and situations I have not been able to control in the past.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my family through this and I highly recommend this course to anyone. I am now waiting on a course to become available for my children as I think this will help them with their journey through life. One quote I will always remember is ‘It is ok not to be ok’, take care all. Many thanks see you all in the future.

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