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Digital Delivery

CYCA ROOTS are offering new opportunities to access online training courses, set goals and support your family's resiliency.

What is the ROOTS Project?

CYCA ROOTS aims to support families that are struggling to cope with the mild anxiety and depression teaching resilience skills to improve self worth and cope with change.

Families we can support:

  • Families willing to engage with ONLINE training and workshops
  • Families recognises the need for change & engage with emotional well-being activities with child
  • Family de-registered with social services
  • Families living with Felifoel, Glanymor, Tyisha, Llwynhendy, Morfa, Burryport and Trimsaran area
  • Looking to volunteer/employment

CYCA will be delivering support and courses online through Facebook, WhatsApp and Zoom.

Please contact Kath for more information on 07793 088069 or


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