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CYCA currently provide early years care in two Flying Start nurseries Tedi Bach and Jellitotz and a Wraparound Service at Meithrin Bryn Bach located in Bryn School.

The 3 nurseries employ staff who have the appropriate childcare qualifications in accordance with the Care Council of Wales Framework. Our staff hold valid DBS certificate, Food Hygiene qualifications, Fire Safety qualifications together with Child Protection and Paediatric Frist Aid qualifications.



Full Day Session - £22.00

Half Day session - £14.00



Full Day Session - £22.00

Half Day Session - £14.00


We were successful in registration with CIW to provide a wraparound service at Bryn Community Primary School, Llanelli.

This nursery is open Monday to Friday, for further details and ow to register for the free Childcare visit:


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