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What are therapeutic services?

Therapeutic services may include any type of assistance that benefits the mind or body. One of the most common types of therapeutic services is the therapeutic counselling with a professional psychotherapist.

Therapeutic Play

Therapeutic Play offers children from the age of 3 to 11 support for any social, emotional, and behavioural difficulties. We aim to accomplish this through the use of play and creative arts, allowing children to express themselves. Therapeutic Play also gives children a way to express their feelings, fears, and anxieties and helps them learn ways to cope with things that may be stressful or upsetting for them.

Creative Conversational Family Play

Conversational Play is usually delivered over four weeks, offering stimulating play sessions for parents/children to take part in, both indoors and outdoors. It focuses on the reasons why play is important, the different play types and schemas and teaching communication and positive reinforcement/positive role modelling.  



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