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Volunteering opportunities



Volunteer Opportunities 

CYCA are always open and welcoming of new volunteers. 

We are currently looking for adults who may be interested in volunteering with CYCA a few hours a week to be friendly young people who are experiencing anxiety and/or depression, you will need to drive and encourage young people to socialise. It may be walking, shopping or sport. Please contact us on 01554 776178 if you would be interested in becoming a volunteer with CYCA.



Hygiene Bank Llanelli - Wales

CYCA are pleased to be supported b Hygiene Bank Llanelli- Wales providing essential basic hygiene products for families across Wales with the help of their volunteers.

They are seeking support for the following:


1. More volunteers - they need people who can donate a few hours per month to support them with social media, admin, and to do drop offs. 

2. More drop off points- they need more collection points, shop are ideal, school and businesses can also have collection points. 

3. Storage facility - they are looking for somewhere they can keep all the stock they collect.


If anyone can help with this please contact Rhys Walter (contact details below).

Rhys Walter | Llanelli Coordinator,

instagram @thehygienebank 



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