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In January 2016, we became an accredited training centre with ‘Agored Cymru’. This has allowed us to add value to our existing well-being support services as not only do we help improve peoples lives by helping them to improve their general well-being and resiliency, we are now able to offer these children, Young people and families a variety of qualifications, which helps them to improve their basic skills, Life chances and also employment prospects.

We also provide specialist training for professionals who work in the children’s sacked in order for them to gain a better understanding of the children and young people they work with, which will allow them to improve their relationship with those children and young people, the quality of the service they provide, which ultimately allows the children and young people the best opportunity to thrive and fulfil their potential within that environment.

Full details of the professional CPD training we deliver can be found on the Professional Pages



ROOTS Project Emotional Wellness Impact

Our first group of learners linked to the ROOTS project.

Successful engagement of learners report profound increases and emotional wellness as a result of working towards our resilience improving our own learning and performance module.

We have identified that goal setting is an integral part of increasing motivation and aspiration to improve own resilience and the resilience of the family.

Learners have taken their first steps towards working towards their goals.

Individuals have already considered volunteering opportunities, applying for College and applying to jobs.

95% have reported in increase in emotional wellness after just one accredited course.

100% of the group are making progress achieving their goals.

80% of a group are actively developing skills to return to work.

100% of the group view their peer group as a mechanism of support.

The stats confirm our belief that, to raise a person’s aspiration through the medium of education and training, provides a positive impact on individuals and their families.

Social Prescribing-Llanelli GP Cluster 

Our social Prescribing work provides resilience support to children and their parents who cannot access CAMHS: to date we have supported young people in managing their anger and depression which has assisted in their progress at school. We work holistically with the whole family providing support as wide as digital resilience through to parent and child fitness classes. A vital part of the social prescription work is the provision of a suitably qualified mentor to work on a 1:1 basis with the child.

Training and mentoring for families

We provide a variety of courses for parents, whether it be to help with family issues and coping mechanisms, or to up-skill and support young parents for the work of work, career changes or accessing ongoing training.

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