Our first group of Learners linked to the ROOTS Project.

Successful engagement of learners report profound increases in emotional wellness as a result of working towards our resilience Improving our own Learning and Performance  module .

We have identified that goal setting is an integral part of increasing motivation and aspiration to improve own resilience and the resilience of the family .

Learners have taken their first steps towards working towards  their goals.

Individuals have already considered volunteering opportunities,applying for College  and applying for jobs.

95% have reported an increase in emotional wellness after just one accredited course .

100 % of the group are making progress to achieving their own goals .

80% of the group are  actively developing skills to return to work .

100 % of the group view their peer group as a mechanism of support.

These stats confirm our belief that, to raise a person’s aspirations through the medium of education and Training,provides a positive impact on individuals and their Families .

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