A new reserach from Welsh Assembly this week Everybody’s Business indicated  There were 360 registered deaths from suicide in Wales in 2017. This is an increase from the 2016 figure (322 registered suicides). There has been no apparent downward trend over time. The rate in Wales in 2017 was higher than in the majority of years since 1981. It is also likely that official suicide statistics may under-represent the true scale of suicide due to the need to establish “beyond reasonable doubt” that suicide was the cause of death in a coroner’s inquest. Around three-quarters of people who die from suicide are men, in Wales and across the UK. 278 men in Wales died by suicide in 2017.1

CYCA continue to receive weekly requests for children self harming at a much younger age. The anguish experienced by the parents and extended family can not be understimated as they struggle to ‘say or do’ the right thing.

My heart goes out to everyone one of those 360 families —-

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