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Hwb Co-Ordinator

Louise Morgan

Hwb/Shop Co-Ordinator

Sophie Chapron

Hiya, I’m Sophie!

I’ve got the privilege to work at the infamous CYCA Hwb. I started off with CYCA in November of 2022 as a volunteer and quickly accepted the role of community ambassador.

As of January 2023, I am now a CYCA Hwb co-ordinator along side Louise. I’ve had plenty of jobs in my lifetime, but I can honestly say hand on heart “I love my job!” To the people I work with, the people I meet in the shop and the people I see in the workshops, they are just fantastic!

I’m a mammy to my handsome little man Alfie James who is 4 years old and wife to my hubby who has support me throughout. Pop by the shop and say hi to me!

Hwb Assistant

Nick Dunford

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