CPD Opportunities:

Professional Resilience Non-Accredited:

The non-accredited course gives you a basic insight into Resilience and the purpose of having good Resilience skills. The tutor starts to explore some strategies that can be used personally and the Resilience language that can be used. Information to attend the Level 1 accredited Resilience course will be given out.

Professional Resilience Accredited Level 1:

The level 1 accredited unit takes account of learning from the non-accredited workshop.

All learners will understand resilience and its impact, learn key strategies that can help themselves and clients, acknowledge and normalise emotional ill health and mental ill health. Consider relationships with others, personal and professional relationships. Advantages of good emotional health and well-being and the decisions that can be made, self-compassion and self-awareness. Exploring our confidence takers and confidence givers. Building on our Resilience Skills now and in the future.

Professional Resilience accredited Level 2:

Level 1 accredited Resilience must be completed before migrating onto our Level 2 accredited Resilience. CYCA’s Level 2 Resilience will enable professionals to seek a deeper understanding of their own emotional health and well-being and how you can implement positive steps/approach to make changes using CYCA’s resilience strategies learnt from the Level 1 Resilience course. The course will be delivered over a period of time. Creating a positive outlook on life is instrumental to supporting you to create an action plan  as part of the Learning Outcome . This will supoort you t develop own personal resilience skills. This can be in any area of your home life, personal life and work life. As part of the course you will then need to carry this out and reflect on the action plan detailing further development points for building resilience.

All the above course can be delivered to staff onsite at CYCA or as outreach.

We can offer twilight sessions and Saturday training.

For further information please ring Kath Bowen, Senior Training Manager on 01554 776178 or kath@cycaonline.org

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