Sarah's story

I was introduced to Sarah, during the summer of last year. She and her two brothers were referred to our Families in Crisis project with a broad range of complex issues.

The remit of my work was to support Sarah for three months. However, CYCA’s contribution was so valuable to the family that the work was extended and is now commissioned by the local authority. When I first met with Sarah, she was disengaged from school and did not have a fixed address as her relationship with her mother was complex.

She had a really negative perception of social services and authority figures and would refuse to participate in any discussion or involvement with them. I recall Sarah’s social worker stating that she would only ever talk to me about any difficulties in her life. It was evident that we had a strong relationship which was grounded by mutual respect and honesty. With much encouragement and motivation, Sarah began to go to attend school even when her friends were truanting. What is more astounding is that she had great difficulty reading and writing which can make learning problematic.

Six months on and Sarah is going to school and trying hard to acquire new skills. She is also having home tuition with her foster carer to help her develop academically. Also, Sarah is now engaging well with authority figures and respects them. I have helped her develop both social and emotionally and she is due to start an Agored Training course provided by CYCA to enhance her learning skills even further to give her the best possible start in life.

Emma, Mentor, Families Crisis project and Commissioned Work

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