Lowri's stori

Lowri was referred to us by mum as she struggled to communicate in social situations. Lowrir was selective mute and suffered with anxiety due to witnessing domestic violence perpetrated by her father.

From the moment I met Lowri, I knew that I could do some good work with her if I got down to her level to help her feel safe and secure. The remit within my role as a mentor was primarily focussed on giving her lots of fun opportunities through child led play. We spent many sessions doing role play, using puppets and other props; this allowed Lowri to develop her language and communication skills. It was also a good learning experience as I enjoyed giving her real life situations where she has to use problem solving skills to make sense of the real world.

By using role play in our sessions, it also helped Lowri to express her ideas and feelings verbally in a relaxed environment and helped her to become more imaginative and creative. She also enjoyed participating in other activities such as story telling and playing board games with me, this helped her understanding of sharing and taking turns and the general give and take of conversation.  Lowri and I formed a really positive relationship over the six months which helped her build a trusting relationship with a positive role model outside of her family circle.  

Through giving her the opportunity to express herself in a safe way, I got to know a very bold and expressive child. This is contrary to what I was led to believe before I met with her. I really enjoyed getting to know the courageous and lively side of her personality.  I always highlighted Lowri’s strengths and I believe this helped her to develop her self confidence and self esteem. By the time my work ended with Lowri, she was less anxious and was able to seek out social interactions. Hence, making new friends and having the ability to ask for help and comfort from a trusted adult when required. She has recently joined a gymnastics centre and has started to learn to play the guitar. This has further helped her skills and develop her talents in a fun way.

Emma, Mentor, Securing Futures project

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