Jack's story

Jack was referred to CYCA by Social Services in July 2015. He and his brother each received 3 months of mentoring and we provided family support for their parents. The main problem was the boys relationship between themselves.

They were regularly in trouble with the police, and would fight and argue constantly. The parents were not only worried about them hurting one another, but that other children in the family were picking up that this is how you deal with things.

Jack was also engaging risky behaviours, such as staying out late, absconding from school and experimenting with drugs.

Below shows Jack’s progress based on the CIN mentoring programmes ‘outcomes assessment’ chart. Jack scored himself on a monthly basis over the 3 months intervention.

Scores: 0-3 = ‘sad’; 4-7= ‘doing okay’; 8-10 = ‘happy’

Feedback from Jack

Although we aimed to help with his relational difficulty with his brother, his resilience in many areas improved. Whilst Jack was able to stop his drug use, he still uses alcohol socially, as do lots of teens. School and education was the only other sliding scale, however Jack did not want to access mainstream education and is seeking alternative provisions with our support i.e. college. We became aware that his emotional development was limited and as a result he frequently self harmed. Through our focus on emotional literacy through a relational approach, we have been able to reduce harmful behaviours as well as make Jack feel happier and less stressed.

Cara, Families in Crisis project manager

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