Elfed Wood, Headteacher

CYCA (Securing Futures and Families in Crisis projects) became one of the support partners for Ysgol Tycroes during the academic year 2014 - 2015, during a time when pupil numbers were increasing rapidly, and the number of challenging factors become more apparent at our school. With this in mind, CYCA's involvement and support became a necessary factor at our school.

Not only has the way that CYCA and its staff been supportive of our needs at our school, but the referral process has also made it a very successful partnership. On each occasion the referral process has been very quick with no great waiting time, and once support has been allocated, this has been flexible and easily tailored for the needs of the pupil and family, which has been very successful.

When working with these pupils, the impact CYCA has had has been sudden and very successful bearing in mind their self-esteem, behaviour, and attendance. With one of our main support referrals, the exclusion data reduced dramatically from 6 exclusions in one term down to zero with the help of CYCA and its mentor, and working together with CYCA we were able to offer additional specialist behaviour support for this particular pupil. With another supported pupil, we have seen her attendance improve by 10% this year based on the last two academic years.

It has been very pleasing to see how CYCA has grown from strength to strength at our school and as a support partner, and we are eagerly looking forward to when CYCA become an accredited training centre.

Mr Elfed Wood, Headteacher Ysgol Tycroes

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