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Professional Resilience Training. Delivered on 8th Jan 2019 at The Palms.

Learner 1

  1. I have gained knowledge on the 10:10:10 approach and Drama Triangle.
  2. I will use the above with the young people and in my own life.
  3. To be open minded and focus on what I learnt on the day take into my day to day life

 Learner 2

  1. I have gained the information about the Drama triangle and learnt to be more Aware of getting involved in it, also the 10:10:10 approach which I think is amazing !
  2. I will use the resilience skills every day with young people to improve their coping skills for day to day life.
  3. I found most useful the drama triangle and 10:10:10 approach.

The impact of resilience training on our learners

What our learners had to say

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