Overview of the commissioned work that has been carried out in Schools and Children’s centers across Carmarthenshire.


Llwynhendy Integrated Children’s Centre:

PSE – Problem Solving – Bullying Awareness

Llwynhendy ICC commissioned CYCA to undertake a piece of work to support pupil’s in year 6. The premise of the work was to educate children about bullying and the impact of this on themselves and others. The PSE Accredited Problem-Solving unit designed by our tutor was used to ensure all children who participated in this session gained accreditation, knowledge and understanding of the different types of bullying, how bullying can affect us and more importantly who can support us. The children were able to use the workshops to discuss how bullying made them feel. The group worked together to create a presentation for their Headteacher’s, parents and staff within the centre. Each child created a powerful poster depicting the impact of bullying and what they could do to solve this problem if they found themselves in this situation in the future. The impact on the children was profound, although they reported they still argue and bicker, they have the skills and confidence to resolve this between themselves and do not need an adult to intervene.

   Morfa and Felinfoel Integrated Children’s Centre:

PSE – Anger Management, Relationships and Coping with Bullying

The ICC commissioned CYCA to undertake this specific piece of work. The units are accredited and provided the children with an Award in Personal and Social Education. The work was carried out off site in Morfa and Felinfoel on separate days. The children undertook a combination of work such as, acting out and role play, discussions to ensure all children have a support mechanism at home, in school and at the ICC, through games. Additional 1:1 support should a child need to talk. As the learning takes place our tutor carries out Q & A, observations to capture the evidence required for the qualification. By the end of the course children understand anger is normal, they understand consequences to this if they do not control their anger. Children are taught a variety of techniques and they chose which works best for them. We ensure children understand how to help others, and most importantly who can help them. Children will learn what makes a good friend, the importance of being kind and thinking of others. The children also understand who can support them if they are being bullied and how to support a friend who may experience bullying.

The above piece of work is also being carried out in Ysgol Brynteg.





 Ysgol Bynea:

Counsellor support for children within the school.





Ysgol Maes Y Morfa and Morfa ICC:

A trilateral piece of work was commissioned through our Strong Start programme between CYCA, Ysgol Maes Y Morfa and Morfa ICC. To work with children and parents to support with emotions, handling feelings and thoughts and to support parents. The course is designed to work directly with the parents in the first instance, they have an opportunity to share what they want to with us regarding their child, school, attendance  and then the children would attend for the second half of the session, the work undertaken as part of this session is through the mechanism of games, supporting children to understand their emotions etc. Ultimately empowering the parent and child relationship. Parents reported spending 1:1 time with their child away from the family home has been invaluable.

The above course has also been delivered in Ysgol Pen Rhos.

Llandeilo Primary School:

Learning Support Assistants – Playwork Level 2

Llandeilo Primary School commissioned CYCA to run an Accredited Playwork Level 2 qualification for the Learning Support Assistants. The Playwork Level 2 course supported staff who support children who take part in clubs etc. The course enabled staff to understand how play benefits children, how to complete risk assessments, ongoing risk assessments. The importance of the playworker and how they can support children’s play, support and plan play whilst being able to reflect on their play sessions to ensure improvements for the future. The qualification is underpinned by the 8 playwork principles. All staff completed and were awarded certification. Staff reported that they found the course enhanced their experiences, gave new skills and they could use this new found knowledge to support children in their play.

Further information regarding commissioning CYCA, please speak to Kath Bowen, Senior Training Manager on 01554 776178 or email kath@cycaonline.org

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