The term ‘Trauma Bond’ is also known as Stockholm Syndrome. It describes a deep bond which forms between a victim and their abuser.

Victims of abuse often develop a strong sense of loyalty towards their abuser, despite the fact that the bond is damaging to them.

Conditions necessary for trauma bonding to occur include:

  • To be threatened with and to believe, that there is real danger
  • Harsh treatment interspersed with very small kindnesses
  • Isolation from other people’s perspectives
  • A belief that there is no escape

The symptoms of trauma bonding can manifest:

  • Negative feelings for potential rescuers
  • Support of abusers’ reasons and behaviours
  • Inability to engage in behaviours that will assist release/detachment from abusers

A sexually exploited child is often judged as if he or she is thinking from the logical part of his or her brain. It is assumed that the abuse happening to him or her is a result of ‘lifestyle choices.’

The training team at CYCA are looking forward to a 3-day training course from THE HOPE FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES PROGRAMME:  a not-for-profit training organisation working to_ _promote evidence-based assessments and interventions with_ _children and families we will have a better understanding in PROMOTING CHILDREN’S HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT, BUILDING ON STRENGTHS AND OVERCOMING.


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