Our CEO, Mrs Tracy Pike, MBE delivered a presentation to students at The University of Wales Trinity St. David during their early years employability week.

The feedback from the students and tutor:

‘As I said last week, I’ve never seen such a large group of students stay behind at the end of a session to wait to meet with a guest speaker……I’m delighted that they got so much from the 2 hours you spent with them’

“I found it very informative and very interesting it has made me realise that I can think positive about myself instead of negative. It has made me realise that this could be a possible job opportunity for me.”

“I found the sessions today very insightful. It has now given me an understanding on trauma and resilience also about maybe doing along the line for a job. I have learnt to be more positive about myself. Thank you for the time.”

Sophie- “Excellent experience, deeper knowledge and clear understanding of trauma, and the all-around effects, very interesting to my development. “

Emily-“Really informative, understanding the effects of trauma and the importance of resilience.”

Sonia-“Expanded my knowledge with how trauma and resilience. Made a start and a way forward with how I would like my future to end.”

“I really enjoyed the course and I found it very informative”

“Very interesting and what I want to do in the line of work”

“Very interesting in therapeutic play course”

“really informative, would be useful for teachers and school. Really makes others think about areas of work and paths”

“I have found this session very informative while being understanding”

“Improved my understanding of trauma”

“Helped me to recognise positive aspects about myself”

“More positive about my future”

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