My investiture took place on Friday 16th November with Prince Charles.  Others receiving awards the same day were Jo Malone, Michael Dalglish, Tom Hardy and Jermaine Defoe who helped me practice my curtsy!

It was the pinnacle of my career to attend such a prestigious event and even more special to have my 86-year-old Mother with me as well as my Son and Husband (my Daughter teaches in Chicago).

Prince Charles asked me about CYCA and if we linked to Princes Trust. I urged him to come and visit the children who attend CYCA on one of his visits – he did not rule it out and said he would read up more about us!

I have reflected since last Friday how fortunate I am to have had such an award for 40 years services to children and their families. I could never have achieved this if those children had not trusted me to share their stories with me and allow me to guide and support them. I am so blessed to be CEO of CYCA and work alongside some dedicated and compassionate staff – in 20 years’ time they deserve this award too!


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