We have noticed over the past year that our learners are very limited in what they can access in terms of learning in their communities. Very often the classes in the community centres do not fit in with school times. There is a very limited choice of classes to suit different interests those over 65 who have retired.


If we look at one cause of depression, it’s loneliness and isolation.


CYCA, therefore intend to pilot some classes initially at our centre in Llanelli which is easily accessible to local bus stops and train stations, however we want to take our classes into the surrounding communities.


We are going to begin with digital resilience hoping to teach parents and grandparents how to communicate with their family through face time and skype. This will lead to looking at family trees, creating archived photos into albums, photography — who knows where it could lead!   We will respond to the requests from the learners and make the sessions fun!

The classes can become inter generational -helping families stay safe on line as well as developing new skills .

Watch this space for the dates of our first course to begin at the end of September

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