CYCA received a grant from Waterloo in August 2018 to help us deliver core services to children and Young  People  who have been identified as experiencing emotional distress.

The founding allowed us to provide 1-1 mentoring and workshops to children presenting with anger and loss .

We provided strategies to help them manage damaging emotions and heLP them self regulate.


“We worked with G in a local primary school, whilst with G he mentioned that the passing of his grandfather had been tough to cope with and he mentioned he was feeling angry and frustrated and that everyone was picking on him. We offered G a series of mentoring support with our male mentor. The piece of work would focus on bereavement and how he could come to terms with this. 1:1 mentoring sessions using the book muddles and puddles gave him the opportunity to speak about his grandfather. As the sessions drew to a close, we offered G the opportunity of saying goodbye. He used the mechanism of a letter and tied this to a helium filled balloon and when he was ready the mentor and G let the balloon go. G said he felt better by doing this. There was also a star that was shining brightly and if he could look at the star when he was feeling sad.”