Therapeutic Story Writing

What is Therapeutic Story Writing?

Therapeutic Story Writing was developed by Trisha Waters as an intervention which uses the medium of story writing to support children to explore, express and understand important feelings creatively. It provides a safe way for children to process emotional problems or issues which they may be experiencing indirectly: through story metaphor.

As well as helping develop emotional literacy, research indicates that therapeutic storywriting can help children develop their writing skills.

The programme forms part of our Schools Wellbeing service and is part of our Securing Futures project. Through the project one of our team has attended training to facilitate the writing group which was set up in February 2016, with the help of school staff who selected 7 children to pilot the project who were then 'interviewed' to ensure that they were keen to participate. The small group meets weekly for an hour in Maes-y-Morfa and allows children to explore different feelings through story characters.

Sessions are structured to include:

 short ‘mindful’ relaxation exercise, focusing on breathing and body awareness

 feelings check-in, 

 story –starter 

 silent writing (children and adults write together)

 story-share and illustration

 listening game

“Franky the fox crept slowly to his den and tucked himself tightly into a ball. He was feeling very upset, because everyone had kicked him, because everyone thought that he was different- even his brother did. He didn’t want to tell anyone his feelings as he wanted to keep them to himself. He didn’t know what to do. Then a new kid came to school. Everybody liked him and because he liked Franky everybody else did. Franky felt so happy now.”




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