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Family Foundation

In 2014/15, we developed a groundbreaking programme where we directly supported 3 primary schools in Llanelli, namely Bigyn, Halfway and Stebonheath, as part of our ‘Family Foundation’ project. The aim of the project was to enable schools to be more inclusive of pupils who may present with emotional, behavioural or social difficulties. To achieve this, we provided school staff with additional training and support to help them to understand more about trauma, attachments and associated behaviours; and provided one-to-one support for children when times have got too difficult. Through this approach we have enabled children to remain in schools (by reducing exclusions) and enabled teachers to feel more able to cope and manage.

Additionally, we created an 8-week ‘resiliency’ based programme bringing children and their parents/carers together to:

  Help parents/carers to build on their existing relationship with their child

  Share knowledge about attachments, brain development and resiliency

  Help children to build confidence, self-esteem and develop emotional literacy skills (notice and learning to cope with theirs and other peoples emotions)

  Provide parents/carers with an opportunity to share and discuss the positives and negatives they experience as a parent/carer; while helping each other to find solutions

The evidence from this work has enabled us to develop a more extensive wellbeing programme for schools.

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