Training & Learning

At CYCA we have had to adapt quickly to the way we engage with our community. Counselling, training and other support services are now being offered remotely. Below are some examples of what we are doing to keep you supported.

Our CEO, Tracy Pike MBE, delivered a session for Mental Health & Wellbeing Online on 26 June 2020 on ‘Supporting children and their families’. Here is a copy of her presentation: CYCA presentation

Lianna has an online session with Danielle, to make sure professional development continues throughout Lockdown:



The lovely Carrie is an inspiration to us all. Find out how she has benefited from, and flourished with, CYCA support.


Carrie & Lianna Q&A on hand washing as part of the Health & Safety Social Care Module:


Anette explains how virtual training is being set up to support families during lockdown: