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The importance of interpersonal skills
Supporting children’s development
Why is the Mental Health Act in England and Wales being reviewed?
Making sense of mental health problems
Exercise and mental health
A Support Net: Can you help someone in need
Exploring anxiety
Stress and anxiety in the digital age: The dark side of technology
How to manage the digital-related stress of technology
Managing my money for young adults
The science of nutrition and healthy eating
The latest content on the virus and how to cope in these unprecedented times, from a range of OU academics – from the impact on athletes to what is a virus… Coronavirus: the lowdown
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New free courses and hobbies to try while in isolation
Primary education: listening and observing

Would you like to volunteer or find work in your local primary school? Are you thinking about becoming a teaching assistant, or becoming a teacher in the future? In this course you will have the chance to look inside primary schools, and watch and listen to children and teaching staff.
Childhood in the Digital Age

The amount of technology available to children today is greater than in any previous generation, and it is more specifically designed to capture their imaginations. There is heated debate as to how the digital influx is shaping children’s development and experience.