Children and Young People

Having to home school during lockdown can be challenging. We have asked some of our lovely team to share some vlogs to entertain and educate. We hope you and your children enjoy and learn!
You can also see the artwork shared by our talented children on our Art Wall.

CYCA has been allocated a three-year grant of £30,000 to provide online safety sessions for disadvantaged young people who might be vulnerable to exploitation.  Through the programme of support the project aims to support young to be better able to keep themselves safe online and build their resilience, whilst reducing their anxiety and supporting them to better understand their feelings.
At CYCA we are doing all we can to keep you all safe. Thank you, BBC Children in Need.

Thanks to Simon Thomas from Llanelli Town Football Club & Academy for inviting us all to join them for the first game back (once the season starts back). Thank you Simon, Diolch yn fawr!



This is Alfie. He’s been receiving support from CYCA before and during lockdown
after his elderly friend sadly died.

Through counselling (online), we’ve been helping him express his feelings.
With the help of his family, he’s created this lovely memorial garden
and we think it’s fantastic!




On the farm:


Colours in Welsh, English and sign language:


Flash card and sign language:


Here is Emma with some Welsh phrases:


Counting dinosaurs:


5 reasons why boys shouldn’t wear a dress

[spoiler alert, there are none]Boy in a dress
We love that this dad is giving loads of affection, affirmation and loving support to his son who loves Frozen!
It’s SO important that dads take these opportunities to show love, especially in these locked-down times.

Here at CYCA, we love supporting all of our community.  Most of us need a little help sometimes and we’re proud to be helpful, in loads of different ways, practical, emotional and mostly helping people to help them selves.
We’re all a lot stronger than we sometimes think we are.  Times like this lock-down can give us chances to show our brave selves as well as letting our vulnerable selves show.

So give no attention to haters and worries.  Love with all your heart.  This madness will all be over in a while and the memories of them will stay.


Danni & Letitia and their Box of Welsh & English