ON Thursday (Mar 9) 2017, the Chairman of Llanelli Rural Council, Steve Donoghue, presented a cheque to the chief executive of Carmarthenshire Youth and Children’s Association, Tracy Pike, at their Dewi Sant headquarters in Llanelli.

Tracy Pike said that ‘CYCA are delighted to receive this grant from the Rural Council. At a time when services are decreasing and all funding ceases, local support is crucial’.

 Cllr Donoghue went on to say

Llanelli Rural Council is committed to providing residents of all ages with the support, resources and facilities that they need. That is why we are once again supporting the work of this excellent organisation. CYCA works to provide facilities for children throughout the Rural area as well as across the County and it is vital that organisations like this get this support and the recognition they deserve. It was a pleasure to be at the Dewi Sant Centre today to meet some of the staff and to see some of the children at play. I’d personally like to thank them all for the sterling work they do.

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