What we do and where

We believe that every child has the right to a safe and loving home, and at CYCA we deliver support services for children, young people and families, which helps make that a reality.

Through our skilled practitioners and support staff, we support children and young people who demonstrate challenging behaviours due to having suffered deep rooted trauma and/or loss to make sense of their feelings and help them to use healthy coping mechanisms in order to reduce their stress and anxiety and to improve their resiliency, confidence and self worth. We support parents to understand their children and to help them form positive attachments with them, as well supporting them to cope with any trauma that they may have suffered in their lives.

Through our training service, children, young people and adults can also access a variety of qualifications, which can help them improve their basic life skills, stay in education or move on to further education and their employment prospects. All of which, means everyone we support is encouraged to aspire to improve themselves and given every opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Where are our services delivered?

The criteria of our projects, means that some services are only delivered within Carmarthenshire. However, some specialist services can be delivered in other counties. These include:

 Accredited Training

 Schools Wellbeing

 Specialist LAC programme

 Specialist Commissioned Services

If you would like any of these services delivered for the children and families that you work with, simple get in touch with us to see if we can support you in any way.

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